Advanced Sage 200 reporting

Advanced Sage 200 reporting is needed when the many reports, and several means of reporting, included in Sage 200 (previously Sage 200cloud, Sage 200c and, long ago, Sage MMS) as standard aren’t sufficient.

As a reminder the means of reporting include:

What is advanced Sage 200 reporting

The broadest definition of advanced Sage 200 reporting is that it is any report not produced by Sage, whether a tweak to a standard Sage 200 printed report, a cross group companies report delivered using Microsoft Power BI to your mobile, or anything in between.

When appropriate we use (and offer training in how to use) the Sage supplied tools for reporting.  Our core understanding of advanced Sage 200 reporting, though, is doing things that either are much quicker to do using non Sage tools or simply aren’t possible to Sage supplied tools.  For this reason we most commonly extract data directly from the databases that hold Sage 200 data, and report using Microsoft Excel or other Microsoft software such as Power BI.

Excel reporting packs

Our most common advanced Sage 200 reporting task is building Excel reporting packs.  The solution isn’t just based on an understanding of Sage 200 and Microsoft Excel, but also an understanding of accounting principles.  The report packs:

Other advanced Sage 200 reports

The sky is the limit, but examples of advanced reports include:

Our approach

We marry accounting and business understanding with Sage 200, Excel and database skills and:


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