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Sage (UK) Limited offer customer support. There are various support contracts that can be taken out with Sage including Sagecover and SageCover Extra for Line 50, Sage 50, Sage 50cloud and Sage Payroll or the Sage 200 Services Standard Or Extra (previously known as Sage Annual License Plan or “SALP”) for mid-market division Sage products such as the Sage 200 product suite and Line 100. Sage provide telephone support and software updates under these contracts, though Sage 200 queries must be handled via an accredited Sage Business Partner such as Protronics Ltd. Sage will then support the Business Partner by escalating any issues with bugs and providing any updates or software patches applicable.

Sage support companies can be found across the globe, from Zoom or IG Conseils to CED Software

Beyond the direct Sage telephone support and Sage reseller or business partner Sage support, there are also a wide range of forums and self-help sites such as GS Hilfe

Your quest to find Sage support might lead you to sites such as Sage Internet who are not related to the Sage accounting product providers but are a Canadian based web designers who also provide and support a webmail service. Sage is also a brand of lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox , available and supported at . Furthermore, there is an open source mathematics software application though not developed or owned by The Sage Group.

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