Upgrading from Sage 50

Sage 200 is much more capable software than Sage 50 (previously known as Sage 50cloud), so it’s an obvious destination for Sage 50 users that need to upgrade.  It stores, and so can report on, much richer financial, sales and other data; it can handle many more transactions; it allows more users; it’s more flexible and can be readily customised or integrated with other software.

Protronics’ handles complex Sage 50 to Sage 200 upgrades, indeed we occasionally rescue Sage 200 implementations started by other people, so you can be sure we also handle straight-forward upgrades competently.

Even though we of course think we’re a great partner to work with when upgrading from Sage 50, choosing to work with us isn’t your most important step towards a successful upgrade.  The most important step is getting the scope and ambition of the project right by: understanding where you’re starting from; what you need to achieve; and how these are reflected in the shape of the upgrade project.

Where you are starting from

Sage 200 will allow you to do much more than Sage 50, but understanding where you are starting from will tell you how equipped your organisation is for change.  These questions are a starting point:

What you need to achieve

When you know how prepared you are, you then need to know how big a step is planned.  While the details of what you need to achieve will be unique to you, they will often fall into one or more of the following broad categories:

Shape of the project

How prepared you are, set against how much change is needed, should in turn shape your project.  The consequences are many and varied, but in some instances they should be as uncompromising as shutting the project down before it starts.  Happier outcomes may include:

We would highlight the divide between:

Why upgrade to Sage 200 with Protronics

For experienced, practical and frank advice on whether upgrading to Sage 200 is right for you, please call or email us and ask to speak to our Sage implementation team.

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