Sage 200 training

Our Sage 200 training is tailored for every client.  We much prefer to tie it to your processes and to use your data for the training examples, rather than simply cover Sage 200 features.

Our trainers are used to rapidly understanding a business and its processes, irrespective of whether the processes are documented formally or not.  They are also comfortable varying the pace to suit the trainees, whether they are junior staff new to Sage 200 or experienced accountants just looking to fill in their understanding of Sage 200.

Sage 200 training options

We offer training:

We don’t offer classroom training, because the use of Sage 200 is so closely tied to processes and requirements of individual businesses and organisations that use it.

Sage 200 trainers

Our trainers are experts in Sage 200 of course, but also have a thorough understanding of accounting principles and processes. They know most the answers, but when they don’t they will certainly understand your questions. And of course they’ll get back to you should they not be able to give a conclusive answer immediately.

Sage 200 processes

Processes are almost invariably shaped to the particular needs of your organisation.   Consequently we only have standardised approaches for a few processes, such as supplier payment runs.  We do, however, bring experience of many different businesses and non-profits, and so can help fit your processes to Sage 200 features and behaviour.  If, as is not unusual, you’re planning to document or to revise your processes alongside implementing Sage 200, then we’re able to:

Familiar with Sage 50

If you are familiar with Sage 50 (previously called Sage 50cloud) then you’ll notice immediately the strong family resemblance, and are likely to quickly feel confident with Sage 200.  This means that training times are reduced, and can be focussed on processes and the differences between Sage 50 and Sage 200

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