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Protronics is a long standing Sage partner for Sage 50 (previously Sage Line 50, Sage 50cloud, Sage 50c and descended from Sage Sterling) and Sage 200 (previously Sage MMS, Sage 200cloud, Sage 200c and the successor to Sage Line 100).  We love to be the Sage partner for network support companies whose first question of us is “are you competent”.

We had our own network team until 2013, and have retained enough understanding of networks and IT infrastructure for it not to be a dangerous thing.  It means that we are credible when we encourage clients to consider IT risk, and that naturally leads them towards well designed and managed IT infrastructure.

Shared clients

The commonest form of partnership is simply having shared clients, and so is low key.

Sage 50 and Sage 200 need to run on servers and other infrastructure that meet Sage’s requirements.  When shortfalls are identified we’ll work with you and the client to plan and implement the necessary changes, and then manage the risks in the interim.  Beyond that we like to look forward with clients, and if there isn’t already an established pattern for doing this, then it’s an opportunity to get involved in planning and budgeting for IT infrastructure needs not just Sage.

If there are Sage problems which look to have an element of, or be entirely, IT infrastructure related, then we’ll work with you not just pass the problem over.  Our aim is always to see the problem solved for the client.  And if you have any Sage related questions, for any of your clients, please just contact us.

Preferred Sage partner

We’re keen on deeper partnerships too though.  Our preference is for the referral of work to be mutual, because it encourages both parties to consider competence and quality first.

Our core commitment to you is that referring one of your clients to us will enhance your relationship with the client.  Our work is primarily about bringing positive change (better information, reduced costs etc) whereas, sadly, IT infrastructure is often only appreciated when there’s a problem.  Additionally we have a focus on managing risk, which encourages clients to recognise and appreciate well run IT infrastructure.

Our other commitments are to:

Areas we cover and next steps

Our focus is London, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire and surrounding counties, but we have clients nationwide.  If this is your first contact with us please call or email and ask for our director, who is a Sage specialist but also has reasonable network understanding.

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