Planning for growth

If you’re planning for growth, then you’ll need a Sage business partner that can keep you on the front foot as you identify and deliver change and improvements.

Protronics works with businesses from startups to corporates, and all points in between.  We can quietly support Sage software as it hums dependably in the background, but equally we love contributing ideas and bringing our experience to bear as changes are planned and implemented and Sage stretches out to support and inform all areas of a business.  If you need involvement and initiative then please email or call us.

Upgrading from Sage 50

As organisations grow it’s common to upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200.  We can help you plan when to upgrade (even if “when” is “months ago”!); prepare your business for an upgrade; guide you through the choices you make as you upgrade; and help you understand and manage the risks associated with upgrade projects.

Deeper, richer information

Growth often results in a demand for richer information from Sage software.  This may simply be the result of a tier of professional managers joining an owner managed business (or a not for profit), or it may reflect a need for a more detailed view and closer controls across the organisation, or it may reflect a business becoming more complex (perhaps as a result of opening additional offices, or a company becoming a group of companies).

Protronics understand reporting, from how to ensure the right data is collected, through to analysis and application of the information to the business.

Automation and integration

As an organisation grows, the benefits of automation and integration often increase (whether because of time saving or the increasing cost of data errors).  Protronics is adept at automating and integrating with both Sage 50 and Sage 200.  We’re pragmatic, so always start by look at off the shelf solutions.  We also have a team of very capable software developers, so can deliver fully custom solutions when appropriate.

Integrating new acquisitions

Growing by acquisition brings particular challenges.  We’re very experienced at handling the integration of new acquisitions with Sage 200 (and, though less common, Sage 50), so you can confidently give your attention to other aspects of the integration.

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