Stretching Sage 50

Some Sage 50 users need more from Sage 50 than it’s intended to give, but for one reason or another can’t or shouldn’t upgrade.  First, of course, there needs to be a candid examination of whether the reason is a good reason.  When it is we can meet many challenges with Sage 50, by applying the experience and techniques used when working with more capable software such as Sage 200.

We do advise though that from the outset everyone is clear that stretching may well involve compromises.  When this is the case we’re careful to help you understand these, so that the decision you make about the benefits versus any risks is informed.

Reasons for stretching

The reasons for stretching Sage 50 always need examining on a case by case basis, and we can help with this.  However, examples of good reasons for stretching rather than upgrading are:

Common Sage 50 pinch points

Sage 50 serves its core “demographic” of small and medium sized owner managed businesses (and indeed other organisations that are in some ways similar, such as smaller charities) really well.  If your business or organisation is moving away from that core “demographic” though then Sage 50 is likely to become an increasingly awkward fit.  Common pinch points include:

Getting more from Sage 50

We have solutions to many of the common Sage 50 pinch points.  Our approach though is to first help you determine if it’s wise to deploy our solutions, and if so whether they should be deployed on a temporary or long term basis.

The services we offer include:

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