Located half way between Leeds and Sheffield, together with several villages the Barnsley forms the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley.

The town grew as an important manufacturing centre originally from linen weaving during the 18th and 19th century but later became known more for its glassmaking and coal mining industries. The National Union of Mineworkers has its headquarters in Barnsley while the British Glass Manufacturers’ Confederation now known as Britglass is based near the edge of town.

Like many towns in Yorkshire Barnsley has seen a major decline across all of its traditional industries. More recently through a number of regeneration initiatives the town has invested in road infrastructure with new industrial zones, distribution centres and business centres such as the Barnsley Business & Innovation Centre and the Barnsley Digital Media Centre.

Committed to helping it’s young develop their opportunities to the fullest and developing skills and expertise relevant to the needs of businesses in the area Barnsley College combines Sixth Form education in its larger newly built Sixth Form Centre and also higher education at University Campus Barnsley providing vocational higher degree and apprenticeships courses.

Tourism has also undergone a transformation in and around Barnsley, major attractions include:

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