Integrating with Sage 50cloud

Integrating with Sage 50cloud (now known as Sage 50 and previously known as Sage 50c and Sage Line 50) can significantly extend its capabilities allowing, among many others:

What’s possible isn’t necessarily wise.  If you need integration with Sage 50cloud, particularly if you need more than one integration, we always help you assess whether: the benefits outweigh the costs and risks; and whether an upgrade to Sage 200cloud (or other software) is a better solution.

Supplied as standard with Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud comes as standard with import capabilities that allows some integration with other software.  The standard import capabilities can only be run manually, and they can’t be automated.  If you’re satisfied with integration that only brings Sage 50cloud up to date periodically, then the standard Sage 50cloud import capabilities may well be fine.

You’ll need custom integration with Sage 50cloud for:

Third party addons

Integrating with Sage 50cloud using a third party addon is always better than having custom software written for you.  It’s cheaper and the third party addon is already proven.  We use addons from Adept Computer Support as their products are straight-forward, flexible, inexpensive and widely used.

When integrating with Sage 50cloud with third party addons, we bring the same understanding of accounting principles and processes that underpins our fully custom projects.

Custom integration

Custom integration allows:

It’s sometimes appropriate for the integration to be fully custom.  However, we always first consider a combination of custom software with a third party addon, as when practical this gives the best combination of flexibility, cost and risk.

Software vendor looking for a Sage partner

If you’re a supplier of sector specific or other specialist software looking to integrate with Sage 50cloud (or one of its predecessors), then we’re here to help.  We can help you:

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