IT support

While there are lots of good things to say about why our processes and people result in great IT support, we believe that the best way for you to judge is to try us for free.  We don’t employ sales people, so please email or call us and ask for our network team leader who is responsible for and active in IT support.  He’ll agree with you how best to use your free trial, whether it be free IT support or a free network survey (conditions apply).

Friendly support staff

When IT problems come, you will be speaking to IT support people who understand that IT problems are often frustrating for the caller as well as costly for the organisation. Consequently
they provide information on the problem and progress towards its resolution appropriate to the interest and needs of the caller.

Rapid response

Our response is normally immediate. No listening to hold music, no waiting for an engineer to get to site, no slow escalation through layers of gradually increasing competence.
“Remote access” means that we can effectively be by your side within minutes, so we provide great value, expert, friendly telephone remote and on site IT support from our London and Oxford offices.

Processes assuring quality

Arrangements to suit you

Both fixed price-fixed term and pay as you go-no commitment IT support contracts are available.

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