It’s All About People

We’ve plenty to tell you about our people, but we never forget that the people we work for and with are all important.

So listening carefully, working to understand your context and the business goals, and adjusting the amount of technical detail to suit each individual are core to the way we work.

And we’re aware as people working with IT we’re a little more task orientated than the average, and perhaps a little light on natural communication skills. So we work particularly hard to ensure that you’re aware of issues and progress, helped by a starting point of openness and honesty.

Above all we recognise that your success is our success, and so we strive for it.

Our people

We’re proud of our people. We’re proud of the skills they have and proud of the commitment they bring to their work.

Our approach is very simple. We take bright, thorough people, add IT industry qualifications to experience, make clear that we expect jobs to be completed well, and trust them.

Bright is easy (though 2 doctorates and 3 Oxbridge graduates in a small team is perhaps over egging things). But we value people for their ability and qualities not their formal qualifications.

Thoroughness is a prerequisite in our recruits, and a virtue Protronics pursues collectively. Indeed we’re at times sufficiently obsessive about it for it to be a source of humour for clients. We enjoy the banter, but they and we know that thoroughness is the foundation on which our work is built.

Our people’s professional development is based around Sage and Microsoft. They provide assurance that we have a broad, deep and current technical skills base, which is further validated by our partnership with Sage and Microsoft.

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