Sage 50 nominal codes – a quick guide

Sage 50 nominal codes are numeric and can be up to 8 digits long, and there are relatively few restrictions on how they are used.

In practice though, most Sage 50 (now known as Sage 50cloud) nominal codes are to a significant extent based on one of the templates that Sage provide.  This means that very commonly:

It’s perfectly possible to use one of the Sage supplied templates, at least if you are a smaller and simpler business or charity.  Even if you do use one of the Sage template “chart of accounts”, though, you are likely to want to make some changes – if only to change nominal account names such as “Sales Type A” to something meaningful to you.

In general though it’s better to make choices about nominal codes from scratch, because:

If you are working with an existing set of Sage 50 nominal accounts, and they don’t match your current organisation or its reporting needs, then you are probably faced with re-building your Sage 50 data from scratch.  We can advise on and help with this process.  While this can largely be automated / done via bulk imports, there will normally be some loss of historic data (such as sales orders or invoices).

Some more detailed comments and guidance:

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