Sage 50 warehouse integration

Sage 50 supports stock management, but has very little support for warehouse management.  The most it allows is matching the order of items on the pick list with the picker’s route around the warehouse (by smart use of the location code, say, aisle / rack / shelf, with a custom pick report ordered by the location code).

In practice if your warehouse management needs are more than this it’s likely that either you’ll move to another product, such as Sage 200 or that you’ll outsource warehousing and fulfilment.  Of course you may anyway choose to outsource, simply to allow you to focus on other areas of your business.

Protronics can help if you have or plan to outsource warehousing and fulfilment.  We have extensive experience of working with 3PLs (the industry term for businesses that provide shared warehousing and fulfilment to a number of clients) and of integrating with the “warehouse management software” (WMS) that they typically use.

Integrating Sage 50 with warehouse management software

Integrating Sage 50 with your outsource warehouse’s warehouse management software will:

It’s usually only worthwhile integrating the sending of shipment requests to the warehouse and processing their shipment confirmations.

We don’t just concentrate on the mechanics of exchanging information with the warehouse.  Rather our approach ensures that the integration matches what your business needs, for example whether you allow part shipment and what your view of backorders.

Managing stock at a remote warehouse

Outsourcing warehousing, even if integrated with your Sage 50, isn’t a magic bullet.  We’re experienced in and can help you:

More than this we can help you:

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