Sage Line 100 arithmetic overflow accumulator value 32768

Sage Line 100 users have reported a range of new errors, typically first occurring in September 2021.  An example is:

Arithmetic Overflow
Destination Field LATEST-INV-DATE [4.0]
Accumulator Value 32768

The errors will generally reference an accumulator value of 32768 and a destination field name that includes “DATE”.  They mean that values after 16th September 2021 are not accepted.

We’ve had reports that at least the following areas are affected (not all verified)

At the time of writing (21st September 2021) there appear to be very limited options.  If you would like to discuss your next steps, updates if the situation changes, more technical details of the problem, or to discuss possible short term workarounds please contact us or call and ask for Jonathan Kempson.

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