When Sage 200 fits better than Sage 50

Sage 50 is a great product for smaller owner managed businesses.  It can bring order to core accounting records and processes such as order processing, and it allows reporting of information that can guide business decisions.  It’s particularly suited to businesses where the accounts are run either by a bookkeeper or the owner directly.  For some businesses and not for profits, though, Sage 200 fits better than Sage 50.

Bad reasons for staying with Sage 50

There is, though, a proportion of Sage 50 users that probably or definitely should have upgraded to Sage 200 (or other mid range accounts software).  The reasons for not moving include:

When Sage 200 is the right choice

We’re always pleased to discuss a client and advise as whether Sage 200 is the right choice now, in future or never.  As preliminary guidance though, Sage 200 may well be appropriate:

These aren’t rigid rules, indeed we have Sage 50 skills and workarounds that would help a client stay with Sage 50 in some of the following examples.  What is wise though, often is different from what is possible.

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