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Let’s be clear, bespoke (or custom) software development is to be avoided where possible. It is costly, far from certain to give the desired results and risky.

The challenges start with connecting (even clearly articulated) business goals with an i’s dotted and t’s crossed specification that encompasses hard to visualise screen and keyboard behaviour and (often profound) changes to business processes.

They get no easier when it comes to ensuring that the software is readily maintainable and flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes. Unless of course your water cooler banter is of “object orientation” and other delights of software development.

Good processes rightly reassure and indeed often genuinely help, and of course we offer them. But they are there to protect both parties’ interests not just yours.

More is needed. We believe that projects should be led by someone who understands business and financial processes, change management, and how to produce robust software. We know our software developers are not just smart and experienced, but thorough to the point of obsession. Finally we bring pragmatism, understanding that what we need to achieve is not ticks against a specification but software and processes that transform your business.

Please email or call us and ask for our software team leader, so that we can start talking about taking the excitement out of your software projects.

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