Sage Integration and Customisation

Sage software is very capable and offers a rich set of features, but still there are times when customisation is needed, particularly for integrating with other software.  It is possible to integrate with Sage 50 (previously known as Sage 50cloud or Sage Line 50), Sage 200 (previously known as Sage 200cloud or Sage MMS), Sage Payroll among others.

Protronics has the experience and expertise to make Sage integration happen.  We start by understanding your business objectives and the business process you want to follow.  Both off the shelf products for integrating with Sage and bespoke software are considered, before advising you of the preferred solution.  Finally we complete the technical implementation and support the implementation of the business processes.

To start the discussion about integrating with Sage please call and ask to speak to our software team leader or email us.

Integrating with Sage 50

Sage 50 comes with a number of features that allow or assist with integration, including the ability to import sales, purchase and nominal ledger transactions.  The most commonly requested integration is loading sales orders or sales invoices, and there are a number of off the shelf products that enable this.

Custom solutions to importing sales orders into Sage 50 are nevertheless often needed, typically because of the need to implement business rules or map data.  One of our Sage 50 integration projects, for example:

Integrating with Sage 200

Sage 200 has more sophisticated integration options than Sage 50, in line with the general difference between Sage 50 and Sage 200.  In particular Sage 200 integration supports and enforces business rules (for example it’s possible to say create a sales order for this customer with so many of this part number, and the pricing will be determined exactly as in Sage200 itself).

One of our Sage 200 integration projects, for a franchise:

Customising Sage 200

It’s not just possible to integrate with Sage 200, it’s also possible to customise it.  Sage 200 customisation brings great flexibility, such as:

Integrating with Sage Payroll

It is more unusual to integrate with Sage Payroll.  We advise that Sage Payroll integration is limited to automating the processes associated with weekly and monthly payroll runs, such as loading employee and payment details, leaving Sage Payroll to it’s core task of performing payroll calculations.

One of our Sage 50 Payroll integration projects:

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